Since we are eager to share our knowledge on the subject of reducing heat and energy consumption and combine it with analyses of specific facilities. In this regard, our work output is usually projects and overseeing their implementation.

We specialize in designing:

  • Hybrid heating sources (combine different fuels, processes etc.),

  • Heat recovery from technical facilities and processes,

  • Heat storage facilities.

More details and benefits of EnobEMS in table.

The main advantages of our projects:

  • Focus on sustainable heat and energy savings,

  • Detailed bill of materials, also with current investment prices,

  • Supervision over their implementation.

Development of installation projects, usually refers to the solution selected in the Pre-design Analysis. Such documentation later constitutes the basis for pricing and the contract between the Investor and the Contractor.

We like to present our ideas in the most useful for investors form, namely executive projects. It is in them that we show specifically by what means to achieve the established goal, that is, the lowest heat and energy consumption in the building, while maintaining the highest comfort of use.

 Detailed designSupervision of the implementation
Heat recovery from industrial processes
Heat conservation and storage
Hybrid heat sources
Recuperation from process exhaust ventilation incorporating heat pumps
Heating with air conditioning option, in heat pump function
Migration of heat and energy within the building structure (from simultaneous heating and cooling)

Detailed design – our projects

Executive documentation of solutions leading to a reduction in energy demand.

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Supervision over the implementation

Supervision of the designer over the course and execution of the project.

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It’s always good to know the facts and have current data under control, that’s why – EnobEMS, a structured system for heat and energy savings: