What do we specialize in?

Reducing heat and energy consumption, and thus the cost of operating of facilities,

Designing, process improvements as well as installations,

– Implementing projects, overseeing execution,

– Heat and energy monitoring – in the system EnobEMS

What else do we do?

We help in optimization of heat sources and installations – matching them to current market requirements,

We measure, check and count, because without experience it’s hard to assess whether installations are working optimally.

We thrive on challenges. Unusual projects, complicated and problematic implementations, etc., are places where we can do a lot together.

For a newly designed facility

The challenge is to see what engineering pays off the most in an era of fluctuating energy, labor and material prices? No less important is to find out how will what we design and implement pay off in the future? The idea, then, is to select and design solutions that avoid mistakes that will be difficult and costly to correct.

We act in a series of steps:

For an existing facility - it already consumes heat and energy

There is no better option than to focus efforts on diagnosing the situation and then selecting and eliminating the causes, one by one. The effect of improvement will often depend on the quality of the choice of what specifically to invest in first. After all, it is most beneficial to start with those investments that will have the greatest saving effect with the least expenditure.

We act in a series of steps: